December 14, 2007

Christmas in Cali

For an east-coaster in southern California, the holidays can really sneak up on you. The passing of time is quietly veiled by the drug of moderate temperatures and warm sunshine. Seasonal senses are lulled into a state of blissful ignorance. December seems such a distant notion. Until one day you wake up and realize ... December is half-way in the past and Christmas is less than two weeks away! Yes, we have the lights, the carols, and the rampant materialism here in Cali ... just no Jack Frost reminders. But for those who would object that Christmas isn't Christmas without blistering cold temperatures, just heed the reminder left us from A Moment of Science that "although Jack Frost nipping at your nose can be the subject of happy, winter songs, actual frostbite is nothing to smile about." Indeed. Wishing you a Merry SoCal Christmas!

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